Why are our products so good?

Why are our products so good?

Our secret? Our suppliers! At La Villa, we are concerned about providing fresh and tasty products to our guests. Every morning, at sunrise, the delivery men nicely wake the kitchen. The smell of croissants and bacon spread in the breakfast room. It is 7:15 am, everything is ready!

Let’s start with some seasonal fruits settled on the buffet’s center: berries, tropical fruits, bananas, apricots, apples, or citrus. A cocktail of vitamins to start the day on the right track.

Afterwards, get a glass of freshly pressed BIO orange juice or cucumber juice. Our retailer is named Kookabarra. Established in France, the company puts its heart in making good quality products. Located at the back of the buffet, you will find delicious chocolate and fruit muesli also made by them.

We can now add some milk products to our plate. Specially delivered by Bergams’ electrical truck “Ze Camion”; their fruit, vanilla or simply plain yogurts are as delicious as savory. You cannot find them in supermarket and that’s exactly what we love about them.

This tasteful journey continues with cheeses from our regions, delicatessen, salmon, crepes, dry fruits, chia and flax seeds, pastries and of course, a real French baguette always accompanied by jam, honey and butter.

The show ends in highlight with our breakfast lady! She welcomes you warmly with a friendly smile and, cooks eggs to you likings while serving hot drinks.

You are now ready to kick the day!


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